Ellen Hanna

Welcome! If you’re reading this page, you likely want the bigger picture about who I am. What you’ll find here is no more or less than you’d find trolling the interweb several pages deep in your google search results. I’ve just compiled it in one location for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

I’m a small town girl (Penetanguishene, Ontario) now living in Toronto with my adorable dog, Charlie, and my husband, Richard. I used to be an avid volleyball player, joining the OVA beach circuit in the summers and playing one term of varsity at UW. Nowadays, if I to get out to Ashbridges Bay once per summer, I consider myself lucky.

More of a focus these days is rock climbing. I’m only three years into it and my commitment level can vary drastically, but climbing is definitely a passion that isn’t going anywhere. Richard and I were fortunate enough to take some time to travel around the USA in a van, getting a sort of Climbing 101 survey course of classic bouldering venues in the states. We also got a small taste of Italy, Switzerland, France, and Ireland.

I also enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. I much prefer to take an afternoon cooking several meals to stock my freezer than to be stuck in the kitchen on a nightly basis. Sometimes I pretend to be vegetarian and gluten-free. More often I prescribe to a cheese-only diet.

I’ve worked as a bookkeeper, copy-editor, marketing manager, graphic designer, administrator, features editor, program manager, barista, waitress, and receptionist. I’m now back in the swing of things at Humber College working towards a B.Comm in Accounting. For my full resume, check out the RESUME tab or click on the Linkedin icon.

So, that’s not quite all there is to Ellen Martha Ewart; but it’s an honest start. Check out the PORTFOLIO tab for some samples of my work and other endeavours.